The Old California



  • This saddle was made for the saddle  show at the 25th  Anniversary  of the Elko Poetry  Gathering in Elko Nevada.
  • Was one of twenty-one on display for several months.
  • This saddle was made on one of the two most famous styles of buckaroo trees, the 3B.
  • The saddle was patterned after the most popular styles of saddles during the peak of the buckaroo heyday.
  • The tree is a 3B 9 inch fork, shovel cantle 4 inches high, a wood post horn 3 1/2 inches high with a 4 inch cap.
  • 5/8 single ring rigging, with hand forged stainless steel rings over laid with sterling silver and hand engraved rigging leathers are closed with Spanish lace in true California fashion.
  • California round skirts, California half double stirrup leathers and fenders that lace at top of fenders.
  • The old Visalia Grandee style of stirrups with sterling silver bolt heads and large concho at the bottoms on bell bottom style 4 inch wide stirrups.
  • All leathers are doubled and stitched.
  • Sterling Silver sting conchos Flower carving is the Number 5 Mixed Flower, free hand drawn and carved.
  • A classic copy of a Visalia 1930-40 vintage buckaroo saddle.


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